Tyn y Cae

There is a place I am privileged to escape to in Snowdonia, Wales.  It is a house called Tyn y Cae that sits above the sea and cliffs in the lee of a mountain.  It has an aura of quietness interrupted only by the lullaby sounds of the sea, occasional bleating of sheep, and lowing of young cattle.

Tyn y Cae was built in the 1960s for use as a holiday home.  Owned by Sir Alfred Beech Owen (1908-1975), who with his brother became joint managing director of the Rubery Owen Group.  Sir Owen was closely involved with Donald Campbell, Bluebird, and the Land Speed Record.

I was told by a late neighbour born close to Tyn y Cae that an artist had been resident there some time in the 1960s.  I cannot verify this information, but like to believe it was so.  What artist would not love such a special location.

The house has always had large windows with vistas full of sea and sky coloured by an ever-changing array of magical blues and greys that are often burned into silvers, golds and magenta by the setting sun.

Nothing interrupts the view to the sea and itís impossible not to be entranced by such a place.  Tyn y Cae can be a gentle sunny summerís day or a raging, lashing winterís storm.  I love it.

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