Art by Linda Sgoluppi

Toads at Night Paintings

Overscore Paintings

States of Listening Paintings

Flux Paintings

Forest Paintings

Stratum Paintings

Keystone Thrust Paintings

Môr Mystic Paintings

Shipping Forecast Paintings

Periodic Table of Elements - A Strange Altars Installation

Cursebowl Altar


Interstice Paintings

Tractus Daydreaming Paintings

Traces Paintings

Birth of Radar Paintings

Cities Paintings

Corpus Paintings

Document Paintings

Feral Tyres Paintings

South to Calabria Paintings

Tractus Paintings

Sub-Liminal Spaces Photos and Writings

Squares and Divisions Paintings

Yet-To-Be-Titled Paintings

Transition Paintings

Terra Paintings

Structure Paintings

Parcels Paintings

Hanger Paintings

De-Titled Paintings

Call of Nature Paintings